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5 Out-of-the-Box Job Search Strategies

In difficult economic times when the employment market has changed as much as ours has over the past few years, a job search will require more diligent and aggressive efforts. Competition is high for far fewer jobs, so employment seekers must be creative to win the job that will be personally rewarding and support their families.

1. Look For a Need

As you think about the kinds of work you would like to do, consider the needs that are most prominent right now. Our baby boomers are growing older; what needs does this create in the workplace? What skills do you have to answer those needs? Businesses are scaling back on expenses; do you have skills or experience to help in this process?

If you see an ad or hear of an opening for which you are partially qualified, contact that employer and propose a variant on the position that would capitalize on your skill set. It could open a door with that business if the fit is right.

2. Explore What Is Happening in Metropolitan Areas

Research online or go to a city library and look at freelance or work from home opportunities that are being advertised in big cities like Chicago or Los Angeles. You may find ideas you had not considered before. Using these ideas, create a proposal for a freelance position; then call area businesses who could use those services. Place an ad at Craig's List and use social marketing sites to advertise your services. Be sure you have the equipment and supplies necessary to start right away.

3. Utilize the Blogosphere

If business is not coming in as you would like, or if you are getting no freelance work at all, a blog might be the answer. Be sure that if you use this device, your writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling are impeccable, as it will be a reflection on your capabilities and professionalism. The blogosphere is a popular and much traveled virtual world, in which you can get information about your business out to many readers at once, and hopefully create some referral business.

4. Use Your Network

The old saying, “It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know,” has never been more accurate. Competition over jobs is tougher than it has been in years, and a stellar resume and extensive experience is not always enough. Use your friends and colleagues to help drum up referrals and industry information to help you get the leads you need. Ask for introductions and referrals, and utilize social networking sites to build your contact lists with those of your friends.

5. Stay Up On the News

Read business news daily. Pay attention to companies who are promoting or adding new divisions. An executive promotion, for example, could mean a new need for administrative support. A new call center could lead to remote customer service needs. Bad news can mean opportunity as well. If a company has downsized its customer service department, for example, they may have work that is not being done; you can offer a cost effective way to fill in that gap.

How I Reduced My Personal Loans 65% from $75,000 to $26,250

Over the years I've had my fair share of financial troubles. I did my best to repay my personal loans on time but sometimes it just didn't happen. Occasionally I took out payday loans to make my payments, but then I got hit with the repayment fees. It seemed like I was always digging myself deeper and deeper into a rut that I would never be able to get out of. A few months ago things got a lot worse. I stopped keeping track of my finances and took out a few too many payday loans to make my payments. Before I knew it, I was hit with huge fees and a level of debt I had no way of paying off. I made enough money at my job to cover rent and groceries, but not much more so there was no way I was going to be able to make the $900 payments my creditors were forcing upon me.

In what seemed like no time I racked up a $50,000 personal loan and payday loan debt that was compounded by a 22% interest rate. I paid what I could every month but the balance kept growing. At that rate, it seemed unlikely that I would ever pay off my debt - I would simply keep sinking lower and lower until I had to declare bankruptcy in order to escape. Then I came across a debt consolidation company and I knew that I had found the help I needed to reduce my personal loans and payday loans. On their website, this debt consolidation company promised a debt reduction of 50% to 80% and consolidation of payments into one low monthly payment that I would pay to them, not to my creditors. In fact, I never have to deal with my creditors again – this debt consolidation company took care of it for me. I simply make out a check to them each month and they distribute the money to the right personal loan and payday loan companies.

With the weight of personal loan and payday loan collection calls off my shoulders, I didn't think things could get any better but they did. This debt consolidation company reduced my total amount of debt by 68%. Instead of $50,000, I only owed $16,000 to the personal loan and payday loan companies. They also lowered my interest rate from 22% to 7% and my monthly payments are now only $125. Thanks to this debt consolidation company I can get back on track with my finances, get out of personal loan and payday loan debt, and never fall behind again. Plus, once I pay off my personal loan and payday loan debt my creditors can never sue me for more money. This debt consolidation company is a permanent solution to overwhelming debt and I will always be grateful to them. Not only did the people at this debt consolidation company reduce my personal loan and payday loan debt, but I didn’t have to pay any monthly fees like some other debt settlement companies charge. This debt consolidation company was straightforward with me from the start and, thanks to them I can pay off my debt in three to five years. With my debt under control, I can breathe easy and start to enjoy life again. I don't have to deal with the stress of collection call or the inability to make payments, my life is mine again and before long I will be completely debt-free. Here's to debt consolidation!